ZIBO navdata out of date

Today April 21st 2021 I opened x-plane and upon checking the FMC on the Zibo 737/800 it said: NAV DATA OUT OF DATE as was expected but it mentioned the data installed was 2013 and active from March 24th to April 20th (yesterday) which is erroneous. I disconnected, dialled up the FMS Data Manager as usual and instead of finding an orange icon with 2014 the icon was green with 2013 in it.
I tried to update in the same way I always do with success but it would not work. I’m on an iMac Big Sur 11.2.3 X-Plane 1152 Zibo 737/800 3.47.21 I’ve never had problems updating before. What to do Please?

Two things please:

  1. please don´t hijack postings - this posting is more then 5 months old and has nothing todo with your specific question for the ZIBO addon. Next time, open a new topic please
  2. the search is working very well and can help you to get an answer “on time”. It´s really worth to try

Here the results, when I enter ZIBO:

I guess, you will find your anwer in one of the first topics
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PS: just for info … the current/effective cycle is 2103. Tomorrow a new cycle period will start AIRAC 2104

Hi Richard,

Sorry for what you call “hijack” frankly, navigating the Navigraph forum is a nightmare for me and I meant no harm. I posted as best I could about my problem and my message was similar to one in a bottle and cast overboard. I am at a loss and luckily you came along and found the bottle!

When I looked at the list of future updates, I thought we were on 2104 going to 2105 today April 21st. The update was supposed to be today and not tomorrow according to the date on the aircraft’s FMC. So when it noted “Nav data out of date” I tried to update via the FMS Data manager (which I have done successfully every month for at least a year and a half in the past. The data manager did not show the airac data 2013 was out of date, the icon was green.

So, you tell me the update is coming tomorrow, then I’ll wait and see if I get an orange icon with the note that update 2014 is available and everything should be OK again. How come the update was delayed one day as noted on the FMC of the aircraft?

Thanks, and again sorry but I don’t go on the Navigraph forum very often and to me each time is a scary experience.


Hi Michael,


The list of AIRAC release dates are here.

On AIRAC release days we publish a few hours before 0900Z, which is the most common switchover time worldwide.

So AIRAC 2104 should release by 22 APR 21 0900Z.

We want the forum to be a welcoming place for you, where you can easily find answers to questions you may have . Please see Welcome to Navigraph.

After that if you have questions please ask.


Thanks Ian,
Information noted and update schedule in my calendar for the next couple of years.