FMC NAV data not updating

My nav data won’t update. It keeps saying nav data out of date on the FMC on the default 737 and Zibo 737 800 even though on my Navigraph account it says I have the current 2108 data highlighted in green. I have a full paid account with Navigraph. I have tried downloading FMC and NAV data from Navgraph and installing but nothing changes. I’m using the Steam version of X Plane 11. Please advise.

Which Zibo version have you exactly installed?


I have installed all of them- the 737 800, 700 and 900. I finally managed to update the nav data on the default 737 but the Zibo mods are still saying nav data out of date.


It is important you have the latest Zibo version.

There was an issue with the Zibo 737-800X, where the FMC showed NAV DATA OUT OF DATE, even though it had been updated. Please see FMS data not working for ZIBO mod 737 - #4 by Tony31841 . An updated version was issued by Zibo to fix it.

See also Navigraph didn’t update the Zibo 738? - ZIBO B738-800 modified - X-Plane.Org Forum

If still an issue, please see para 3 of FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date


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