FMS data not working for ZIBO mod 737

Hi! I just bought Navigraph and I think it’s really cool, I have the ultimate subscription for both the charts and FMS data. I have the FMS data installer, and I have been doing all of that stuff. I have the current AIRAC cycle installed. I also tried using the default 737 to see if it had the same issue, it didn’t. I was confused. I then placed the Zibo 737 file into the “Laminar Research” to see if it worked. Nope. I then made a shortcut and deleted the nav data files for zibo mod, nope. I asked like 10 people for help and they had no answer. Even tried to uninstall and reinstall the zibo mod. I had no luck. This is my last and final resort, it would mean the world to me if you could help. Also I looked at the cycle info in the file and it said it was 2101 (current cycle) And when I turned on the zibo it said that it was from december 3rd i think to january the 27th. Help and some replies would be appreciated. If you need a discord username if you want to contact me directly, here: WWIIismyfav#0001. thank you

Sadly I can’t help but I have the same issue, hope someone can find a solution

Hi Mason,
please be sure, that you have the latest ZIBO version installed (I guess, it´s currently 3.45.15). There was an issue in the ZIBO with our cycle, which is fixed with this version.

Details here:

and here:

Hope that helps - it´s not really a navdata issue from our side but it should work with the latest ZIBO fix.

Used both manual installation and the Data Manager. The Zibo 73 continues to show Nav Data Out of Date.

May you send me the link and tell me how to install it?

Hi again …

I have done this via the ZIBO Updater - it works perfect - here the link:

Hope that helps,

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