Nav data out of date after update to new AIRAC

I have such a problem for the first time, after updating airac to the latest version, my FMC keeps showing nav out of date. In fms the data appears to be set correctly.

Hi Pawel,
I guess you will find the solution for your report here:
FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date


I do step by step, and i still have same problem.
In FMC i see date of old airac but in files i see new file.
I do a few flight with this problem and all stars and sids seem to be correct.
I dont kown where is problem.

Ok Pawel, than we need a little bit more of information from you.

  1. Which default aircraft in XP11 do you use?
  2. Please can you post a screenshot of your XP-path from the Settings-tab in the FMS Data Manager?

Thank you,

1.Zibo Mod B737-800X

Which version do you have installed from the ZIBO addon?

Have you looked on the several postings here in the forum?