Welcome to Navigraph

Welcome to our new forum.

There are many new features which make this simple and yet flexible. It is also intended to encourage participation by you as an important customer. Please take a little time to explore it.

Anyone can read the forum. You need to have a current or past subscription to post.

If lost in the forum, click on the Navigraph icon at the very top and you will be taken back to your forum starting screen.

You might like to add your picture - it makes the forum friendlier :blush:. Click on your user icon top right, select image \Preferences\Profile Picture.

See also Configuring the forum for your personal tastes.

We are starting the forum afresh, because much of the old forum material is outdated. If you have a post in the the old forum, with material you wish brought across, please advise.

Technical support is provided in this forum. Personal messages requesting technical support will be referred back to this forum.

If you wish to post in the forum please see How to Create a Post.

If you wish to post in the forum, but don’t have an account, please see How to Create an Account.

If you wish, please give feedback by posting a new topic at Site Feedback.

For information regarding Navigraph subscriptions and your account please see https://navigraph.com or send email to contact@navigraph.com.

The Navigraph Team

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