ZBAA missing all SID/STARs

Hi everybody
client beta 19, AIRAC 2014 rev.1
ZBAA Beijing Capital airport, missing all SIDs and STARs procedure

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thanks for your report and Happy New Year 2021 :slight_smile:

Two question:
You don’t see the terminal procedures nowhere in the sim (means not in the worldmap, nor in any aircraft like A320, 787, TBM, …). Right?

Do you have installed any mods? When yes, which?

Last a request:
Please can you upload your content.xml file? You find the correct location of this file here

Thank you very much

Forget my question sorry - I can reproduce this report, sorry!

It´s very strange because I know 100%, that all procedures were included in the previous cycles and now … empty and that´s not only in ZBAA … ESMS, where we also have procedures in the database and also in the update-files - empty. It´s very strange and I can´t explain it at the moment, sorry …


Hi, and happy new year.
Procedure didn’t appear nor in the plane (tested with FBW 320 and default TBM) nor in the worldmap. The only mod i’ve got in my sim is FBW A320.

Thx for the quick answer.

Thanks Marco … I’m still look for the cause of this because this happened on a few airports. I’m honest, I have currently no idea and all my checks and comparsisons are good. I dont see any issues, the procedures are in the update files, but will not shown in the sim. Its strange …

Thanks again

Also noticed the same thing. AIRAC 2014 rev.1 missing SIDs and STARs from ZBAA also missing several frequencies such as tower.

Hi guys,
sorry for the long delay of this answer but we had worked hard together with ASOBO/MS to figure out, where the problem is/was. We have identified a QMID issue, which we had fixed now in revision 2.
So, please update your AIRAC 2014 cycle to revision 2 (press “remove” in the client and after that “install” to get the latest revision).

The procedures are back again with this revision 2. Sorry again for the delay of this fix but it was really a tricky one. Thanks for your patience and of course your reports! Much appreciated …

Let us know, when something is still wrong or not existing …

thx so much for your work on this fix, i’ll test it out soon


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