Release notes - AIRAC Cycle

AIRAC 2014 Revision 3 (2021-01-08):

  • fixed some double VHFNavaids which results in a CTD
  • terminal procedure improvement (STAR - Approach part are now connected correctly)

Known issues:


  • MSFS version and above
  • Navigraph Navdata client beta 19 and above
  • if you still see the “double scenery” effect - please follow the link here FAQ - Double scenery elements

How to install this update:

  1. Quit the simulator, if running
  2. check, if you have the latest Navigraph Navdata client installed (at least beta 19)
  3. Open the navdata update tool (Start menu > Navigraph, or launch app with Navigraph logo in tray)
  4. If you have an earlier dataset installed, press Remove
  5. Press Install

AIRAC 2014 Revision 2 (2021-01-05):

  • ARP coordinates adapted due missing terminal procedure (ie. ZBAA, ESMS, …)

Revision 7 (2020-12-23):

  • ILS-Dme´s added to avoid CTDs on some airports

Revision 6 (2020-12-23):

  • improved accurate (more precision) localizer course for ILS/LOC and offset approaches

Revision 5 (2020-12-22):

  • logic change for none existing default airport to avoid “double scenery element” effects

Revision 4 (2020-12-12):

  • load flightplan issue fixed
  • airway-segments corrected for inserting directly into the FMC
  • SID issue fixed which results in a CTD
  • removed maintenance-package

Revision 3 (2020-12-07):

  • removed ILS dme waypoints, which solved the freezing in the Garmin G1000, when you enter waypoints

AIRAC 2013 Revision 2 (2020-12-06):

  • airway directions (oneway - both ways) corrected
  • waypoint flickering fixed (as good as we can from the data perspective)