Missing STAR or SID since AIRAC 2113 Rev. 1

Hello and sorry for my poor English.
I have a problem in MSFS with the latest AIRAC 2113 Rev 1 from Navigraph.
I saw this yesterday at many airports in South America that I am exploring at the moment.
When I prepare my flight in Simbrief, no problem with the STAR and SID. It’s the same when I retrieve the flight in Navigraph Charts.
I am exporting my flight to MSFS from Simbrief.
On the other hand then, in MSFS, I am missing STARs or SIDs which do not exist once the flight loaded.
It’s the same without a flight plan. Example: SPJC for track 15, no STAR while I have them in SimBrief and Charts.
As a result, the plan is completely distorted.
This is the case in many of the airports that I have tested.
Even when I import the plan directly into the MCDU from Simbrief, it cannot find a STAR for this runway 15.
On the other hand, if I delete the Navigraph cycle, I find everything.
I did everything: uninstall the cycle via the NDC, erase the content file, restart then stop MSFS, reinstall the 2113 Rev1 cycle, erase the content file, restart MSFS twice, the problem remains intact while the content file is correct:

I do not know what to do.
Can I get the 2112 back for comparison?
What else can I do?
Sorry for the length of the post and thank you.

first of all, welcome here and thank you for your report.

Do you have the latest Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.5 installed? Because I have checked your example SPJC runway 15 and I see STARs:


Thank you very much. I have the latest version of NNC 1.0.5, I even reinstalled it twice!
For SPJC, I’m sorry (I’m getting lost, I spent the night there), it’s the SIDs for track 15 that I don’t have while those for 33 are present.
Sorry .
And they are well in Simbrief (ex ITAV1F 15 from memory).
I don’t have my MSFS there at work but that’s it it seems to me since I made a flight to SPJC and I couldn’t leave :unamused:
I also remember worries about SCEL => I don’t have all the STAR : The STAR calculated by Simbrief was not in MSFS.
Now, I must open MSFS bsore generate my flight pla in simbrief to verify !

Hm, here the SPJC SIDs with your example:

… also SCEL - all SIDs/STARs available and selectable:

Please check all of that directly in the WorldMap, without loading a flightplan … when you can select the SIDs/STARs you can be sure, that the cycle is installed correctly and the issue is somewhere else.

Also, please upload a sample flightplan (which is not working correctly on your end) and also your content.xml file please.

Thank you,

I check that when i’ll be at home.
I’ll try to reproduce what i’ve done last night, there were a lot of tries !
How can I upload a simbrief flightplan in this forum ? Or do you want the .pln file ?
Thank you,

Hello Richard.
I have seen this on another topic you made abour SCEL :
Due runway maintenance, the runway ident is changed to 16/35R and that´s the reason why the sim can´t handle our procedures because the logic in the sim is, when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to an existing runway in the sim, the procedures will be disabled. And that the case here, because in the sim you have other runways as in the real-world.
I’m very bad whith english, but perhaps it is an explanation ?

Hi Alain,
… the runway maintenance is finished and SCEL has the correct runway-idents back. So this information is outdated.


Hello Richard
I am back at home.
For SCEL, i have only SID for runways 35 L and 35 R, and nothing for 17L and 17R.
For SPJC, STAR only for 15 and nothing for 33
For SPJC, SID OK for 15 and 33
For SCEL, STAR for 35L, 35R and 17R, nothing for 17L.
What have you, it seems like your screen.
But, when seing on Navigraph Charts, some are missing . Exemple for arrival to SCEL :

Capture d’écran 2022-01-14 164756

ANDES9 isen’t in MSFS.
I upload my content.xml
Content.xml (7.2 KB)

Thank for all.

Thanks Alain … Can you post a screenshot from SCEL and your SID window from the WorldMap?

Thank you

Ok I made that tomorrow, I have a flight de seven hours in progress (SVEL - SVMI).
SID in Navigraph and Simbrief DILO5B who is not in MSFS.
I had to type all the points by hand including the whole trip, when there is no SID the import of the trip is very bad!
Have you seen anithing wrong in my content.xml ?

Hi again,
no, your content-file looks ok so far. So here a few additional questions:

  1. When you look in the MSFS content manager, do you see the Navigraph AIRAC packages here - is this the correct version? Please a screenshot.

  2. Which MSFS version do you have - the Steam or the MarketStore version?

  3. Please can you post a screenshot of your Navigraph Navdata Center window?

  4. Do you use AddonLinker?

  5. Do you have any addon-sceneries installed? I have only seen the Istanbul scenery … when this is the only one, please can you remove it for testing?

  6. Please try a flight in the WorldMap … means not import any external flightplan. Try the arrival - destination directly in the WorldMap

Thank you,

Hello Richard and goor morning.
Before making you all the screenshots, I found that the problem essentially focuses on SCEL.
A question: do you have in your STAR procedures of SCEL the two approaches ANDES9 and SIMO6B (which also correspond to runways 16 and 17 where there was a problem at the end of December and for which there are still alerts in the flight plans) ? I found old flights, I had them with the Navigraph 2110, I have them without Navigraph (as a reminder MSFS is in AIRAC 2113) and I no longer have them as soon as the Navigraph 2113 is reinstalled.
Otherwise :

  • I put you the screenshot with the Navigraph AIRAC packages

  • A screenshot of my Navigraph Navdata Center

  • I have MSFS version MarketStore

  • I don’t use AddonLinker

  • The only addon is actually LTFM since it does not exist in MSFS, I tried without, it’s the same

  • Missing SID and STAR on SCEL are still missing when I fly via MSFS without flight plan download.
    I would like to check what I tell you first (no problem with the 2110), is it possible to recover it to go back?
    So, thanks a lot Richard
    PS: how hard it is to write in English! It trains me to become an ATC controller in VATSIM :grinning:

Hi Alain,
ok, now we are on short final … SCEL is a very special case, because I have seen that there is a temporary runway change since end of december 2021.

Your example STARs (ANDES9, BAYOS8, EROL5E, EROL6A, EROL6F, SIMO6B, UMKA5A and UMKA6C) are included in our database (also in the MSFS dataset), but the point here is - these STARs are valid for 17L and the temporary 16 which are missing in the MSFS. Therefore the MSFS seems to be disable these STARs - also for 17L due the same procedure-identifier.

I´m sorry but this is a MSFS issue rather than a navdata issue on our side.

Here from Little Navmap, which reads the navdata from the sim:

… and here the same, when Little Navmap uses only our data:

Do you see the different? In the MSFS version, the runway ident 16 is missing, also there is a ANDES9 for 17L/R … but you don´t see the ANDES9 STAR. That´s because the MSFS disable all STARs with the same procedure-ident (in this case ANDES9), when a runway is missing (like in this case 16). That´s for all missing STARs the same bug.

Sorry, we can only provide the data but we have no influence, if the data will be interpreted correctly.

In other words, please report this to ASOBO/MS. As you see (in the second screenshot), the data are included but not visible in the MSFS due the temporary runway. But it´s temporary and I assume, as soon the runways 17L/R and 34L/R are fully back, all procedures are also fully back.


PS: your hint a few postings before with SCEL was correct, sorry

Thank you very much for all this time spent.
I learned a lot about SID/STAR procedures thanks to you.
And at worst, I modify directly in the MCDU what is wrong, it is a good training.
With the Navigraph tools, we can really do simulation that comes close to reality, congratulations for your work.
I discover Little Navmap, I will study it more closely.
It remains for me, but it is not the same section, to completely free myself from MSFS, by using a correct ATC…


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