SID/STAR Missing in all airport(3rd party scenery and not)

with the last AIRAC Cycle 2302 rev.6 i don’t see SID or STAR in any airport in the world, 3rd party scenery or not).
I checked in content manager and i see the update Cycle 2302 rev.6, I don’t use any addon-linker and the Navigraph NAVDATA CENTER is version 1.0.12.
I tried to move all 3rd party scenery from Community folder but the result is the same, no SID and STAR.
However, the update for Fenix A320 work perfect.

it seems you have an issue with your sim …

I would delete the content.xml file first. After that start the sim and try it again.


Hi, i had reinstalled all msfs and now SID STAR and APPROACH are all ok.

Thanks for your feedback … Glad that it solved!


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