Missing SIDs / STARs in MSFS 2020

Hello! Just subscribed Navigraph and installed the latest AIRAC via Navigraph Navdata Center. However, SIDs / STARs didn’t appear in my FMC. For example, SBGR arrival → ILS10R-Q → no STARs.
I use an A320 FlyByWire aircraft.


SBGR departure → RWY 09L → no SIDs:

I tried this but it didn’t help.

Also it seems strange for me that in the same AIRAC version the same RWY has different names: 09R (09L) for departures and 10R (10L) for landing procedures (example ILS10R-Q).

Assistance is needed.

the stock airport scenery is outdated. The runway idents are changed or a runway was added/removed. The sim disable the terminal procedure, but they are correctly included in our dataset. Use a 3rd party scenery (it’s highly recommended not to bought it from the in-game matketplace due the missing priorization than) which includes the all and the correct runways as in real.

There are several postings here to this topic, also to SBGR. Please use the search first. It reduce your time of answer.

Thank you

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