Simlink unable to connect

Hi guys , it’s been one month now and my simlink is still not working anymore. Everytime I click on simlink, it opens this white navigraph to sign in and it’s unable to do anything but "wait for user authentication. Now as you can see in the pics, there is this navigraph charts 7.1.27 which canoot be installed (it s grey). Dunno if it has to do with my issue. The charts are working fine but not the moving part . Thank you



You likely have Charts 8 but to be sure, please Download and install.

Current version is

For SImlink, please confirm your computer’s time is correctly set.

See also Navigraph Simlink sign-in - #10 by vishalahir


I had navigraph simlink since the beginning and everything was working fine with the moving map function.

So I have the last Charts *8 which can be opened in my PC without any problem with the correct credentials., same computer than before, new installation XP12 in a SSD 1To. I have deleted simlink and re installed from a last version. In my hidden icons, simlink is giving me access to 1/ signin, 2/ program settings and 3/ exit. Program settings is confirming that navigraph simling is installed in the correct XP12 drive and when I want to signin, the navigraph simlink appears waiting for an endless user authentication. I dunno what to do

jus to add that in the same navigraph simlink window try to open , I have this message “you have been signed out” which disappears . If you click on it before it disappears , you have a new msg “Authorization failed for traffic desktop”

Simlink unable to connect SOLVED

Switching from Chrome to Edge browser has fixed the problem , as the author of the post
Simlink “Unable to Reach Navigraph Server did!!!