Simlink and X-Plane 11

Does anyone know in X-Plane 11 where the Sim link should go to make moving Maps operate. I tried following the directions I was given and I put it where it told me to put it but never graph Charts will not connect to the game. Do I need to reinstall or is there something I’m doing wrong. Thanks for any help.



When you download and install latest Simlink, you should see automatic install into X-Plane 11.

You can confirm in Navigraph Simlink Status:

If unclear please post a screenshot of this using Guide to posting Screenshots.

See also my reply at Cannot sign in to simlink


I see it in simlink but the path is c:/onedrive/users/drasd/desktop/X-Plane11

This is what simile shows me.

To where is X-Plane 11 installed?


That’s where the instruction manual said to put it I have the physical version

Try setting the Simlink path to where your x-plane.exe is located. I don’t know if this will work with one drive. I don’t think you can run X-Plane 11 from one drive.


Thank you for your help and I’m fixing to do away with one drive. I will let you know if it works because XPlane 11 is in the OneDrive directory on my desktop. I never liked One Drive anyway. If I uninstall it and reinstall it what path do you recommend I use for the install.

I’ve discovered it does not work with OneDrive. Should I uninstall the program and reinstall the program on my C drive and if I do do I put it in program files or just on the C drive itself?

Definitely not in Program Files. I suggest C:\X-Plane 11

After that, uninstall/redownload/install Simlink.


Thank you Sir for your help.

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


Well it’s not resolved I moved the X Plane 11 to my C drive uninstalled Sim link reinstalled simlink and I don’t know if I have to uninstall navigraph charts and reinstall that too but it’s still not moving the map

It is in c:/X Plane 11/ Simlink

Sorry, I thought you were implying it was fixed.

Please check your X-Plane.exe is in C:\X-Plane 11.
I do suggest you completely uninstall, download and install latest Simlink and Charts.
The Simlink install should set the path shown in Plugin Status as C:\X-Plane 11, as shown above.

Please post screenshot of Navigraph Simlink Plugin Status as I have above to confirm.


I don’t have an F Drive but I do have a custom built gaming computer that will run X-Plane 11 on high settings on everything. Sim link is installed to C/XPLANE 11. Now my only question is where do I reinstall navigraph charts to? I am reinstalling everything from navigraph to see if it will connect and I really need to know where to put what concerning navigraph charts

P. S.- I have a really big hard drive I can store just about any program or game I want to use. I tried program files that didn’t work I tried program files 86 that didn’t work. With Microsoft Flight Simulator X it worked great but I did not want to get the new Microsoft flight simulator 2020 because it’s not realistic. I am a real world pilot and I am rated all the way to Boeing 767-300 ER. I have found that X Plane 11 is the program we use in our simulators to drive our instruments and some other things. This simulator is awesome and so real world I just need some help putting the files where they need to go. Thank you for all your help Ian.

When you install latest Navigraph Charts, go with Only for me option and accept the prompted Destination Folder

This will likely reinstall Simlink also.

You should get Simlink message like:


Never grab moving map not moving in X-Plane 11.5 5+. I have it installed c/X-Plane/simlink/resources/plugins.