SID/STAR non existing for KORD either 2108/2109

All SID and STARS are missing in MSFS for Chicago O’Hare (KORD). I am using the FBW A320NX Experimental Version. I’d like to know if this is an FBW related issue or perhaps a Navigraph issue. Thanks

In the WT CJ4 and same here. No STARs for KORD.

I am using the FSDT KORD payware scenery, but did not uninstall the deafult. Do I need to do that for all procedures to show up?

I use the default KORD.

Please guys, use the search function. It is working very well and there are several postings to this topic.

Thank you

PS: when you use an addon scenery, you should remove the default one

Thanks Richard. I tried searching for solutions and so far, nothing. Sorry for being a newbie at this.

I tried adjusting the Content.xml, I tried removing the KORD scenery but no matter what, still no SIDs/STARs at KORD. I am using the Premium Deluxe Edition without any extra addon, just the KORD that came with this version.

Is the true solution to just wait on Microsoft thus sticking with 2108 that was in the latest release?

Sorry for the newbie questions, just started with the game and discovered Navigraph updates.

Hi Team,

Please see KORD STAR's MSFS.


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