No STARS in kord

so, i have the new AIRAC data, up to date app, FSDT kord, ive tried the content file fix, ive tried everything ive found, just cant get stars or sids to come up in FBW a32nx. i dont plan flights in the main MSFS screen, its terrible. attached is my content.xml.
Content.xml (7.9 KB)


With MSFS closed, try deleting content.xml, then start MSFS. Content.xml should be recreated with the working order.


Additional to Ian’s answer:
Please use the Navigraph Navdata Center for the updates and don’t change the content.xml file manually.

You are missing one package from the navdata also, therefore please:

As Ian mentioned:

  • close the sim
  • delete the content.xml file
  • Start the Navigraph Navdata Center and remove the AIRAC and install it immediately
  • Close the NNC (but let it open in the background - this is highly recommended)
  • Start the sim and you will see the STARs are back

To the reason:
This is NOT a navdata issue. With SU9, ASOBO has added a package somewhere at the end in the content.xml file. This package overwrites some navdata settings … When the sim re-create this content.xml file, it re-orders the packages in the correct positions.

This has nothing todo with us, it’s a frustrating result from SU9.


This didn’t work for me - still no STARs for KORD. I couldn’t follow the instructions exactly - when I delete the content.xml the NNC won’t update the sim as it throws an error that the content.xml is missing. So I re-ran the sim, let it create content.xml, quit the sim, then removed and reinstalled the AIRAC. But still no KORD STARs.

just to confirm … you have the FSDT KORD 3rd party scenery installed - correct? When yes, please upload your content.xml file here.

Here KORD STARs (FSDT KORD and AIRAC 2204 rev 2 installed:


No, I don’t have any KORD mod loaded, this is just the plain vanilla MSFS airport.

I had only been verifying this by looking at the A32NX FMC, and then the CJ4 to verify it wasn’t just that aircraft, didn’t think of checking the world map as in your screenshot. But there again, that drop-down just contains the entry “Direct”.

This isn’t a huge issue, but just wanted to report that I’m seeing it along with some others. I don’t know if this is a NavData problem or a quirk in the latest MSFS update. But it does seem to affect multiple aircraft.

Ah ok, in this case the issue is the MSFS stock scenery because in the stock MSFS a runway is missing …

Sorry we can’t do anything in this case. The data are available but the MSFS supress it. The only solution is to use the 3rd party FSDT KORD scenery. Its not a navdata issue.


Copy that, thanks Richard.


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