No SIDS or STARS anywhere when navigraph is installed

Hello, for some reason the other day I lost all sids and stars in MSFS (approaches are still there). All I have done is keep items up to date (FBW A320, content manager) and buy some new airports during the summer sale. I have checked my content.xml based on other threads but will attach here as well in case I have misunderstood them.

When I remove navigraph data in the datacenter, all the sids and stars return. This is not airport dependent, although I now have KORD and KBWI scenery as well because those two airports were the ones I was flying into when I discovered the issue.

I have the latest version of the datacenter.

Content.xml (8.4 KB)

I’m not sure how I fixed it, but after several restarts of MSFS it seems to finally have fixed itself? I can’t really explain as all I did was keep restarting msfs and keep uninstalling and reinstalling navigraph data. Anyways, I’m flying again.

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Glad it is resolved. Thank you for the update.

Happy flying


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