I can’t seem to find any STAR/SID for Chicago-O’Hare (KORD) using Navigraph Navdata Center AIRAC. This goes for within the FBW MCDU and at the world map view within MSFS. If I remove the Navdata AIRAC cycle they appear.

I have tried the following -

‘Removing’ and re-installing the AIRAC cycle within the Navdata Center.
Removing the Navdata Center application, starting the sim up without a content.xml file so it can rebuild it.
Re-installing Navdata Center, installing the AIRAC and booting the sim.
I have no add-on scenery for this airport, Asobo or otherwise.
I have the latest Navdata Center installer, along with AIRAC Cycle 2107 rev.3

Content.xml (4.8 KB)

I have uploaded the current content.xml

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Paul,
the reason is, that a runway is missing in the default scenery of the sim. For more information, please use the search-button, there are several topics/answers to this question.

It’s not a navdata issue.


As far as SIDs, KORD does not use SIDs. ATC vectors all traffic out.

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