KORD STARS Still Missing with Latest Version of NavData and FSDT Scenery


I saw the previous thread that was closed regarding missing STARS to KORD due to inaccurate MSFS scenery, but if the correct scenery was installed the STARS should appear since they are still in the database.

I have the latest version of NavData Manager installed and on the latest AIRAC, and I have FSDT KORD installed and still have an issue of no STAR data to any runway.

Happy to take screenshots if needed, but looks like it still may be a mismatch issue.

Yes please, upload a screenshot of your Navigraph Navdata Center page + please upload your content.xml file.

Here, where I have explained the KORD issue with screenshots, incl. the FSDT KORD scenery.

Thank you,

Files attached as requested

Content.xml (5.1 KB)

Thank, looks ok so far.

Can you post the KORD runways from the WorldMap too … Comparing to the real world charts, are all runways available?

Another possibility is either a incompatible scenery with the current sim version, or that an other package “disturb” the FSDT KORD scenery.

… but that I understood you correctly. You only have the “direct” in the STAR dropdown on the WorldMap, when KORD is selected as arrival … Right?


Picture attached of the World Map for KORD Arrival. Confirmed that none of the STARS are displaying in the World Map, but all runways are available, and the ILS Approaches are also available for all runways. The scenery is displaying properly when loaded into the sim, and there is no other scenery on top of KORD (like airport textures or anything) that is installed.

Strange, so you can confirm that you have the runway 09C/27C?

Also can you confirm that you have removed the stock KORD from the sim?

What FSDT KORD V2 version do you have? Can you post a screenshot from the sim content manager? Also have you bought it via Marketplace or any other external store?

Here you see, that the FSDT scenery works as expected. So, there must be an issue on your system:


Have confirmed that 09C/27C is present and available for selection.

Screenshot attached. Confirmed that the Asobo stock KORD is not installed, and FSDT KORD v1.3.0 is installed.

I agree obviously there is an issue, but can’t pinpoint what it is since all files seem to be correct and intact. Understand that this has been a known issue, so if there is no resolution I understand, but wanted to bring to your attention that with my install, unless something else is discovered, the supposed resolution is not consistent across users.

Thanks for your assistance

no, this is not a known issue because it´s working normally. I would move all 3rd party packages somewhere outside the community-folder, excluding the navigraph-packages and the FSDT KORD package when it´s available.

After that start the sim and try it again …


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