SID/STAR missing in VHHH

I can see them in Navigraph app, but not inside MSFS. They don’t exist in world map nor in any FMS that uses in-game data. If I removed Navigraph AIRAC CYCLE data, then they came back in-game.

I tried removing custom VHHH from community folder to no avail, so it’s not that.

please follow exactly the procedure in the FAQ - I have tried it with the stock VHHH in the sim:

Here is the procedure, please follow it exactly in this way:


Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried many times exactly to the letter to no avail.

  1. Make sure MSFS is closed.
  2. Delete content.xml in C:\Users\macbrush\AppData\Local\Packages\Micorosoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  3. Launch MSFS
  4. Close MSFS
  5. Open Navdata Centre

If I only do the above, only remove option appears. I had to remove Navdata first then do the above steps, then Install option appears. But then no matter which way I did, it still doesn’t solve the issue, SID and STAR are still missing.

remove all 3rd party sceneries and try it again please. You have any 3rd party scenery installed which is either not 100% compatible with the current sim version, or which needs any fix order. Sorry, that we can´t do more.