In the FMC, neither SID points nor STAR points come out, so I can only choose the track but not the start or in any kind of plane

please confirm, that you´re using the lastest Navigraph Navdata Center version v1.0.3? When yes, start the Navigraph Navdata Center BEFORE!! you start the sim and try it again. This is an important step. The Navigraph Navdata Center should run in the background, when you run the MSFS …

When you still don´t see the terminal procedures, please upload your content.xml file here, that we can check it. It is also possible, that you have installed a 3rd party scenery, which is not compatible with the sim and therefore you don´t see the navdata but step by step. Please look, if the first paragraph will help to solve your issue.


I’m having the same issue right now. I just bought the Navdata and installed it and now the SIDs and STARs are gone and I can’t import the Flightplan from Simbrief (It doesnt import the waypoints when I do an Init Request. Just the departure and arrival airports). I reinstalled the Navdata many times and had the Navdata Center running before I started the Sim but its still not working. I have no scenery installed only the FlyByWire A320.

Please upload your content.xml file here … which version of the FBW has you installed?

Also, do you see SIDs/STARs in the WorldMap? Can you select it there?


I use the newest Dev version of the FBW (a99b560, just updated it an hour ago) and I also tried it with the newest Stable version. I cant see the SIDs/STARs in the Worldmap.

Here’s my Content.xml (4.0 KB)

thanks … looks ok so far … what sim version do you have? Standard, Deluxe, Premium?
And what base version Steam or the Store version?

Are you able to post a screenshot from a flightplan directly from the WorldMap - ie. EDDF - LOWW (high airways) as an example … and open the SID or STAR window please

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I have the Standart Steam Version and here’s the Screenshot of the Worldmap:

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Danke …

Can you try following please (if you still haven´t):

  1. Close the sim
  2. delete the content.xml file
  3. start the sim and close it immediately when he is fully loaded
  4. open the Navigraph Navdata Center, remove and install the AIRAC cycle
  5. please upload your content.xml file again
  6. start the sim again and look on your WorldMap again

Thanks & liebe Grüße

Here you go:

Content.xml (3.9 KB)

Danke für die Hilfe bisher. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bitte, bitte … noch konnte ich ja nicht viel helfen :wink:

Still no SIDs/STARs in the WorldMap? :thinking:


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Yes it is fixed!

Vielen Dank! 10/10

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All right … just a few words about this:

What you have done now is, that you have reset the content.xml file. Some programs change this file in the order and that´s absolutely a NO-GO because as you see now, the order is important.
Now, when you delete this file - the sim re-creates it automatically during the next start-up - in the correct order and that´s the solution for 99% of such issues.

Important is now:
Whenever you install a new scenery (not a new aircraft - because aircrafts don´t touch the content.xml file), start the Navigraph Navdata Center and close it. That´s enough to be sure. that you´re using always the latest navdata files. Don´t touch this file or don´t let any application change the file (excluding the sim and 3rd party scenery designer from the Marketplace - but there is no reason, that some program should change the order which ASOBO/MS defines).

Alles Gute und Danke für´s Helfen … Happy flying … :wink: