Missing STARs for VHHH


I am missing STARs for VHHH in all aircraft and also in the ‘World Map’ drop down. (I do have SIDs.)

If I go into the Navigraph Data Centre and 'remove the 2212 rev1 AIRAC then i get them back. (presumably as it is back on MSFS default data at that point?? When i add back in the Navigraph data my STARs disappear again. I don’t have any 3rd part scenery or airports installed. Every other airport i have tried works ok.



Hi James,
the stock scenery of VHHH is outdated - compare the runways with the real-world and you will see that it´s differ and therefore the sim disables the terminal procedures. Not a navdata issue - you still have all terminal procedures on your system but the sim disables it internally.

Sorry, please report the outdated scenery to ASOBO/MS.

Thank you,

PS: a solution could be, to use a 3rd party scenery, which reflects the real-world … you will immediately see all terminal procedures than :slight_smile:

Hi - thanks for your reply. Just out of interest can i ask why the SIDs still work?

Good question, I´m honest, I can´t answer it, sorry - please ask ASOBO/MS. We have found out this from day one on and had also reported this. Again, when you use a scenery where all runways are available and with the correct idents, than all our procedures are selectable and viewable


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