Sbrj is missing

IT SAYS, NOT IN DATABASE whats happening?


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You also might search the forum on “SBRJ” where there a number of posts especially relating to the CRJ.


ToLiSS A321, A346 or A320neo Beta, or Flight Factor A350 will give this error for airports like SBRJ.

At 1260 m, the runway is too short for these aircraft to land (unlike the A319); apparently it’s not uncommon for aircraft databases to only include airports where the aircraft is known to be able to land, hence why it’s implemented this way by ToLiSS.

For the A319, only airports with at least one paved runway of 1200 m or more are included, for all other aircraft, the minimum is 1500 m instead.



P.S. @RodHagler BTW, in X-Plane, the airport and runway data rarely comes from Navigraph (there are exceptions, mostly older addons which do not use the X-Plane 11/12 database format), only the procedures (SID/STAR/approach), airways and navaids do (and even in the case of navaids, especially ILS, X-Plane may override Navigraph data with information from another database, as if things were not complicated enough already).

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