MSFS 2020 Aerosoft CRJ navigraph FMS Data missing airports

After updating to the new datamanager and installing the Navigraph data for the Aerosoft CRJ in MSFS 2020 there are airports missing in the CRJ’s database that exist in both MSFS and Navigraph charts. An example of this is CYKZ an international airport that is in both MSFS and Navigraph but the CRJ FMS says it is not in the database. I am currently using Navigraph navdata center 1.0.0-beta.26 version.

this is also no navdata issue. The reason is the runway length filter in the CRJ, which is set to 4300ft minimum I guess. All airports with less than this minimum will be supressed.

What I know is, that you can set this minimum runway length somewhere in the CRJ FMS and than you should be able to enter this ICAO code.

For more details, please read the CRJ manual.

Thank you

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Thanks Richard, I had this issue today with an airport with short runway and now I get it :+1:

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This is not an Asobo issue, I am currently missing Airport CYKZ in the aerosoft CRJ for MSFS 2020 after the AIRC 2015 update. The international airport is in MSFS database and Navigraph sees it but the CRJ says its not in its database. Is the navigraph updating tool for the CRJ working ???



Please see Rich’s reply to your other post above. CYKZ has runway length of 3800 ft, below the 4300 ft minimum for the CRJ, so it is filtered out by the CRJ.


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