SBRJ doesn't exists

Today I was planing to fly into Santos Dummot airport on Rio de Janeiro (SBRJ) but I my surprise was really big when the ICAO code isn’t in the data base (airac 2105) downloaded yestarday, obviously I was frustrated because I have all prepare to the fly. Please could you fix the problem because I thibk that this airport still in operation.

without more details (at least sim version, which addon, …) a general answer:
SBRJ is still in use and existing in our database, with all terminal procedures


Sorry for the missing additional info. I use the Aerosoft CRJ on MSFS2020, I can’t see which procedures are or not because when I’m filling the flight plan the ICAO code (SBRJ) simply doesn’t exist on the Data base. Thank you for your support

thanks - the default runway length in the CRJ is set to 4500ft … the longest runway at SBRJ is 02R/20L with 4341 ft and therefore the CRJ suppress this airport. This is not a navdata issue because as I wrote before, SBRJ is included (also in the CRJ database)

… but the CRJ doesn´t accept icao codes with less the runway minimum length, as here in this example SBRJ. But you can reduce this limits somewhere in the CRJ FMS and than you can use SBRJ as normal - please look into the documentation of the CRJ or ask in their forum. As soon you have set a lower runway length limit, you will see that you can enter this icao code.

Hope that helps,

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