FAQ - Information requested when posting an issue

As many problems have been reported and solved in these forums, please search the forum (top right magnifying glass image) for your problem.

When reporting a problem using + New Topic below, please specify these details:

Op System: (e.g. Win 11, MacOS)
FS Version: (e.g. FS9, FSX, P3D V6, X-Plane 12, MSFS)
Add-on: (e.g. FF A320, PMDG 737-600, etc)
AIRAC Update No: (e.g. 2405)
Problem Details: (so that the problem can be replicated, e.g. missing xxxx SID at airport yyyy, as per AIP chart at www.somewebsite.com .)
Any non-standard hardware or software: (List add on gauges, add on scenery, etc)