Missing Data SFAL

Missing SFAL from data. I tried a flight to the Falklands yesterday and couldn’t load flightplan created by simbrief. Thanks for the help


Please upload flight plan. For which aircraft? For MSFS?

How are you trying to load flightplan? Please post screenshots of error messages using Guide to posting Screenshots.


… also please explain it a little bit what you mean with “missing data SFAL”?

There are two NDB-DME approaches available for 09/27 and both are included as you see:

So which data do you miss now?


Hi im sorry it is for msfs, I used simbrief to compile a flight for use with the crj900 from aerosoft. I have never had any problems using this service with your navigraph information. I just thought maybe this airport was missing. I also checked in msfs and it did show up like your photo. When I enter the airport in the fmc with aerosoft crj it shows no data.

ah ok … this is a CRJ limitation because the minimum runway length for the CRJ is set to 4500ft - when you look in the CRJ manual you will find the following:

Please note that the navigation systems will NOT show any airport that does not have a runway long enough (4500 feet) for the CRJ to use.

That means all airports with runways less than 4500 feet will not be shown in the CRJ. But you can set this limit down somewhere. Please read the manual where and how.

The longest runway at SFAL is 3630 feet so far away from the minimum length of the CRJ and therefore, the CRJ suppress it.

As you see, we offer the data for SFAL and it´s also included in the CRJ dataset but due the runway-length not selectable.

Thank you,

Oh thank you so much for helping me on this. That explains it. Thanks for all you do I love your product.

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No problem … thanks for your kind words.

Merry Christmas and happy flying :wink:

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