NZNP Missing in database(Aerosoft CRJ)

I have all my AIRACS updated and using the latest CRJ build for SU5-HF2 from Aerosoft, I’m trying to load a flight from NZWN-NZNP KALE3P PP H482 WU H486 MEVAX H499 SELTA VISA3A but i get an error not in database when I try to load the Simbrief flight plan. Then try it manual entry and get error not in database when i input NZNP(New Plymouth) I uninstalled the Navigraph CRJ navdata addon and built a fresh one but still the same.
Any help appreciated.


So i did some more testing. Removed everything from community folder except fresh install of Navigraph addons, Fresh install of Aerosoft CRJ. Got the same database error for NZNP. Open up default Asobo TBM and loaded the flightplan without error! Removed Navigraph completely. Fresh install of CRJ using the default navdata that ships with it and still gives an error not found in database. So here’s where I’m scratching my head.
I thought if you move the Navigraph entry in the contents xml to the bottom it takes precedent over Asobo/Aerosoft navdata? So given my investigative efforts it must be an Aerosoft bug with the FMC. Anyway I’ll wait to hear back from you guys first.

Hi Rick,

NZNP has a runway length of 4200. The CRJ has a minimum runway length of 4500, so NZNP shows as not in database. Please see Page 8 of Aerosoft CRJ Vol1_Aircraft Operating Manual_Part-1.pdf:

Please note that the navigation systems will NOT show any airport that does not have a runway long enough (4500 feet) for the CRJ to use.

Although unrealistic and unsupported, I guess you could edit
…your MSFS\LocalCache\Packages\Community\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData\Airports.txt and change entry for NZNP from 4200 to 4500. This will be overwritten with each AIRAC update.

See also MSFS 2020 Aerosoft CRJ navigraph FMS Data missing airports.


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Arh i didn`t even think to look at the rwy length. Thanks Ian for the support.

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Hi Rick,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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