RPLK Double Runway Issue

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Not sure if this is the right place to report this issue, but I had an issue with one freeware scenery when Navigraph Navdata for MSFS is being used.

[TTG] Bicol International Airport (RPLK)

Issue description:
When using Navigraph Navdata for MSFS, custom RPLK scenery will produce two (2) slightly overlapping runway 05/23. In addition, when checking the F-PLN of the MCDU, there are two RWY05s and RWY23s listed in the departures of RPLK.

Attempted fixes:
FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization - MSFS Navdata / FAQ - Navigraph → Did not work for me

Other info:
Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 2110 rev.2 is currently installed.

Using Navigraph navdata
RPLK with navigraph_mcdu

Using default navdata
RPLK without navigraph_mcdu

this is not a navdata issue and you can´t do anything for this - it´s a scenery issue because the scenery designer doesn´t delete previous 3rd party runways - there are also several missing information in this scenery, which overrides other data.

Here a screenshot, that no flags are set in this scenery, therefore the double runways:

Sorry, please report this to the scenery designer. We can´t do anything for that.


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Hi Richard,

Thanks for investigating the matter! At least we can rule out that the navdata is not the source of the issue. I am currently in touch with the designer and I’ll inform him of your findings.

Again, thanks! Really appreciate it.


Yes Robb.

Here a list of all possible flags, no one is set in the scenery as you can see in in the screenshot above. Therefore you see double runways and again, there are some more issue, when none is set


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Fantastic! Will let the designer know about your findings.
I’ll also send him this post of yours from last year: ( HowTo - Recommandation for Addon Scenery Designer - MSFS Navdata / Airport Scenery - Navigraph

Thanks for the fast response!


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