RJAW double runway issue


I’m not sure should I post this topic here or not.

I found a problem when I using freeware mod from flightsim.to.

The mod link is:

If you are using Navigraph and you have a folder called “navigraph-navdata” in your Community folder, it will cause RJAW showing 2 runways when using this mod.

I have no idea how can I fix this issue without moving navigraph-navdata folder to other place.

Also, I’ve already tried these

sorry but this is a scenery issue and you can´t do anything.

The designer doesn´t deleted possible existing runways. You see this very clear on the “Delete cmd:” line (yellow marking). The scenery will be loaded (you also see this on the order top-down) after our package, therefore you will ever see these multiple elements - it´s a design-error from the scenery designer sorry. No workaround possible.


Thank you for the investigation.
Really appreciate!!

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