MSFS - EDDS by Justsim, Double Runway lights

Hello Navigraph Team,

i just installed navigraph for my MSFS2020 and i noticed some Problems at my EDDS Scenery.
On World map usally there is a little yellow Starbox showing a Scenery is installed, right now this is missing but the Airport Buildings looking like loading corret.
Then i noticed double PAPI beside the runway and overall double LED dots on the runway it self.

Anyway how i could fix this?

Greetings Razzih /Robin

your scenery-content file is messed - please follow EXACTLY all the following steps from the FAQ and all should be back - that´s not a navdata issue, it´s sim related due the none-ordering/prioritizing of the sceneries in the content-file, sorry. Happens from time to time …

But again, when you follow these steps, it should be fine:



i was wrong about the yellow indications on this scenery…
But your recommended Solution fixed this Problem for me! no more double lights now. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your quick and helpful response.


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