Double Runway at LFTH


Issue at LFTH airport, double runway are overlapping.

The problemed file is located at Packages>Community>navigraph-navdata-base>scenery>fs-base>scenery>0602>APX49160

When I try to delete it, the false runway dissapears but the main terminal and others elements of the scenery too.

Any help ?


please use the search function first on the next time. There were similar reports in the past two days.

To fix such issues, please use the MSFS re-ordering tool in the game, and set the 3rd party scenery below our base scenery.


Not only are your data messing up the simulator, and I’m paying 10 bucks a month for your NavData, but I also believe I shouldn’t have to dig deep into your forum to find a solution to my problem. You can’t even bother to provide proper technical support with ticketing, and on top of that, you blame me for the issue.

I must be dreaming.

Hi again,
has you tried the re-ordering?

That has nothing todo with our data. This tool is designed by ASOBO/MS to set the correct prio’s of the packages in the sim.

So, this is a part of the MSFS and not our part. Sorry.


PS: and by the way, we don´t know which 3rd party scenery for LFTH you use … as an example: I have looked into the LFTH scenery from and in this scenery, the delete-tag is completely missing and therefore the scenery doesn´t overwrite any possible existing runway - in this case it´s a scenery issue but not a navdata issue. When you are using the AzurPoly LFTH scenery, this scenery works as expected because this scenery delete possible existing runways and overwrite the runway with the own.

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