MSFS EDDS Justsim hill and double RWY 25

Hi, I tried to play MSFS with my new Justsim scenery form MSFS but I got broken Taxiways, a hill and a double runway. I have tried other solutions like deleting the Content.xml but without success (EDDS RWY 25 with hills!).
My content.xml:Content.xml (7.3 KB) ,
What it looks like with Airac Cycle 2102 rev.2:

What it looks like without:

please follow EXACTLY these steps here:

Only to delete the content.xml doesn’t help. Your content.xml is a mess and therefore you see all these effects.


I’m happy to report that it worked, thank you so much for the help.
Wish you a pleasant day and stay safe,

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Great to hear Luis - thank you very much for your feedback!
You too - stay safe and have a nice weekend

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