Double runway issues

I’ve tried reading all I can here from the other posts about double runway issues and have tried the fix that’s stickied with setting deleteAll options but I still have issues. The artist that made the sceneries is unresponsive to all emails for the past month so I’m trying to fix this myself. Is there a good write-up somewhere to implement this fix? Saw one user mention setting the airport to closed.

I know it is up to the content creator to fix the conflict but it would be great if you could at least provide something more in-depth on fixing the issue when the creator no longer supports their project.

This is the scenery I’m having trouble with… RJAW airport

sorry, without the help of the scenery designer you will have no chance to correct something because you need the scenery project file for this. When, you have only the BGL and that´s not enough …

There are a few tools where you can do some changes in this files but we don´t have any knowledge about this, sorry - in this case we can´t help you.


I have access to the project files. I’m asking for some more detail on what exactly needs to be changed. I did the delete all but it made no difference. Can I post the bgl for justification that I did the right change?

can you post the link, that we can install this scenery with your changes (not the project, the whole scenery) ? Than I will try to find out the issue …

Thank you

Will do when I get home from work. Can I PM it do you? Don’t want to publicly post someone else’s work

Since I wasn’t getting anywhere with help, I fixed it myself. Here’s the link for anyone coming here with the same issue.

Iwo Jima RJAW Airport

fine that you have fixed it but we haven´t receive anything from you after my request to get the scenery for testing (not here, nor per PM) but anyway, it looks like it was a scenery issue rather a navdata issue.

Thanks for the update

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