Problem Connection Navigraph Charts on iPad


I have an account navigraph. i installed Navigraph Charts Navigraph, FMS Data Manager on my PC and everythings works fine. On and other hand i installed the latest version of app Navigraph Charts on my Ipad (iPad Air (3rd generation) with ipad OS version 17.3 which has the latest update. This App does not works at all. Please find attached the two screenshots. I deleted the App and reinstalled it. The result is the same.

Please could you help me to fix this issue.
Thank you in advance.

I don’t see any screenshots. Please try again!



Yesterday as well for me the IOS app was unusable: not loading maps, disconnecting from flight, logging out then in automatically.
in browser on on PC worked fine.
I use an ipad pro with latest IOS.



Sounds like a local issue on your device. Please reinstall the app and try again. Also make sure your date and time is automatically synced in iOS settings.