🗺 No Map on iPad

I’ve been using Navigraph Charts on my iPad and my computer for a week or so now and everything has worked well with the moving maps. In fact, everything was working last night. However, today I opened Navigraph Charts on the computer and it offered to upgrade to version 7.2.6. I upgraded and things are well on that app.

On my iPad, The map no longer appears in the app. I can view charts and such but not a map. I’ve tried the three different maps such as high enroute, low enroute, and world map…still no map. I’ve tried to load existing flight plans, but no map. I created a simple flight plan and let Navigraph auto generate the route, but no map gets displayed. Again, charts will display but no map. The version of the iPad app is 7.0.9 build 484.

I am also using the Navigraph Beta for flight data for MSFS. My iOS is v14.2.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi - can you load Charts Cloud, https://charts.navigraph.com, in a browser on the same device?

Yes, the map works properly (including moving map) using the iPad’s browser.

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So I am about 04:45 hours into a flight and decided to try the iOS Navigraph Charts again (I had just been using my laptop). It now works! I do not know what has changed but it’s working and all is good. :+1:

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Glad to hear. Strange but must have been something temporary.

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