Can't Access iOS on iPad

I can log in just fine and search for airports/charts (although KMSY is a little wonky…), but when I try to open the charts, the three balls just keep spinning and spinning and spinning and - well, you get the idea. (grin). Used it earlier today and everything was fine.

Navigraph v7.0.9 Build 484
iOS10.3.4 (14G61)


Yep I’ve got issues, can’t load a flight. I can search okay but can’t load charts. Working fine in MSFS2020, just not on the iPad app.

I’m having the same issue on both iPad, and in MSFS… Logged in ok, and my internet connection is just fine, but the charts themselves won’t load.

Yes. Same issue. I made a note to Navigraph on Twitter. Guess servers partially down or sth.

Same here. I can login, but cannot load flight and loading maps is stuck forver.

I can access charts for windows though.

Having the same issue. The Web Version is working for me (more or less)

Same here. iOs not working at the moment.

We’re actively investigating this. Please standby.



Hi all,

Should be back now. Please verify. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.



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I’m in, thanks so much. As always, exemplary service from Navigraph. You guys never disappoint!

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