Charts app crashes and/or freezes since 8.22.0

Hello, Im having problems with my navigraph, I have two tablets one android and one with iOS for my personal use with navigraph and I’m experimenting some issues with IOS. That I’ve checked in pc and android version and it is working without problems.

It gets stuck and frozen when you are navigating between the app or checking any chart or creating your route. The iPad is running perfectly without problem so it’s not problem of the iPad even I can confirm that is the latest pro iPads versions.

it looks like there is a problem between IOS and the updates of the app. in plenty of cases when it stucks inside the app, the app reboots automatically by itself and close the app without any reason. I’ve been trying to reinstall the app but the problem stills remain.

I know this app works with internet connection and i thought that probably was a problem with internet coz sometimes it still thinking the app when select something but it wasn’t the problem I tested it with a better connection that I have and stills keeping frozen.

It looks it’s like a problem or a bug with the app, That is triggering in some problems between the updates and iOS OS.

Best Regards
Cap. Juan Luna

Hope a soon answer and if possible the remote debugging of the app or a new update patch of the app to solve the problem.


I too have just updated the app on IOS and it keeps freezing, not loading the left hand panel, etc.

Fortunately, I can still login through the Safari browser, and this works OK. The PC version also seems to be fine.

Until today’s update, Navigraph Charts on IOS was awesome!

Yeah man the same ive been needed to switch to safari or pc version to continue using the navigraph, coz it sucks in IOS.

Same issue here. With the latest update, the iOS app is litteraly useless cause it freezes instantly and then nothing happens. Hope it will be fixed soon :frowning:

the IOS version is not unimportant for our devs, so please let us know which iOS version you are currently using.

Thank you

Yes I am facing the same issues here, freezing when you try and select anything such as route changes or different runways, departures or arrivals. I am using iPad 5th Generation on iOS 16.3.1

Hi Richard,

I am using an iPAD Pro, second generation.

It has IOS 16.3.1

Thank you for responding so quickly!

Thanks guys, I can’t really help you but our chart app devs need such information, to reproduce it or to check the requirements.

Anyways, Malte & Co will look on it, as always :wink:

Thank you very much

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No Problem Richard if you need any more information let us know, the Safari workaround is fine for now on the same iPad. I am a software developer myself so I understand diagnosis need as much info as possible.

Many Thanks again

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Indeed on IPad Pro as I use it as second screen

I am facing the same issues with a normal iPad. Since the last update the app hangs for everything I do like loading a flight plan, pinning charts, deletion of old flight plans, viewing of more charts in sequence….


We are investigating these reports. It seems to be something with the 8.22 release. Please standby.



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I am having the same problem. 7th Generation iPad running iOS 16.2

Same issue here. Random unrecoverable freezes when planning a flight: mostly when trying to add either the origin or destination to the New Flight plan; sometimes later. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app, and I cleared out all my old flight plans, and neither made a difference. iPad Air 4th Generation, iOS 16.3.1

Hi Team,

Charts iOS Ver 8.23.0 has been released. Please download and advise if your issues are fixed. As Richard says please advise iOS Version and iPad Version.


Excuse me, it it keeps freezing and having the same problems basically the update is not having results I don’t know what is happening my iPad is updated to last iOS version and the app is already updated to last version you recently released, the problem is just in the app of IOS because if you enter in an android tablet or in the pc or in the iPad but in safari browser it works perfectly. It so important to us to receive an exactly diagnosis and solution coz most of us work as a instructors or just students making their training in simulator using the app.

Hope a soon reply and solution tks

We can reproduce the issue intermittently and are working on it.

In the meantime you can access Charts Cloud at


This damn app is worse now than on the weekend. It now CTD. Seriously, what are you people doing with this program? I’ve downloaded the latest version 8.23.0 and it immediately crashes. I’ve shut down my iPad, I’ve removed the app three times and reloaded and it still dumps me out. I still get the offline screen momentarily. I go back into the app and if it doesn’t CTD, it freezes.

I’m running iOS 16.3.1 and is an iPad Pro 12.9 ML0G2X/A.

There are still problems with 8.23.0 - CTD and freezing as I reported over the weekend and per my entry below.

I have the same problem with my iPad Pro 12,9" 3rd Generation iOS 16.3.1

Many thanks for resolving the bug.