Opening Navigraph

Hallo all,
I have bought Navigraph and paid for 1 year
After i have sign in i get always the same screen ( Addon List Addons Mapping etc.
How can i check whole Navigraph ( carts etc)

my email

Hi Welcome Martin, Have you read the FAQ section for Charts? FAQ - Navigraph
Also you might get more help if you include a bit more info: see the Getting Started Guide:
Getting started and what OS you using? and which Charts app you using? Desktop?, Cloud?, IOS? or Android? ect.

stephen (cesna729).

Hi Stephen
Thanks for your reply, to begin with i am a amateur in systems.
I have bought today this system for a year so i have many questions.
I have on my desktop Navigraph Charts. What i see when opened is in the left top corner
Search - Favorites - Flights. On the right side top corner it says High Enroute , option for moving maps, Night and day lay out.
How can i see my flight moving on the map , how can i see a map of each airport etc etc

Hi Martin,


To have moving map you need to install Simlink.

Please see also FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray

For Charts please see FAQ - Introduction to Navigraph Charts