FMS Data Manager - No active Internet Connection

This is what I see when trying to load Navigraph Hub that is paid up on WIN 11 PC.
Everything works fine on WIN 10 PC
Tom Wright

Hi Tom,


I suggest a fresh start using exact procedure below :

Please disable any Antivirus and firewall. Uninstall AV if needed.

Use Windows to uninstall FMS Data Manager. Specifically:

  1. Press Start and open Apps & Features.
  2. On the right hand side, open Programs and Features.
  3. Find Navigraph FMS Data Manager in the list, select it, and press the Uninstall button above.

If they exist, delete folders:
c:\ProgramData\Navigraph and c:\Program Files (x86)\Navigraph.

Download and install latest FMS Data Manager to the default location.

Please let us know how you get on.


  • It worked, thank you so much, Ian.
  • I am a retired B-747 400 Captain that used a real EFB with Foreflight Synthetic Vision to practice the flight.
  • I would fly the next day and take the notes and experience learned in the sim flight to the actual airplane I flew the next day to monitor flight progress with an FAR required second set of data, using nothing more than a USB GPS receiver.
  • The real FMS CDU has the next effective revision loaded at L4 with an effective date and time Z
  • I found out if you selected it in flight , it would dump your entire flight plan and require it be reloaded with the new data based on your ACT clearance.
  • This caused an immediate “Insufficient fuel” warning.
  • Forgot to renter the planned wind components for each leg, which were tail winds.

Ian, it worked.

Thank you so much,

Tom Wright

Hi Tom,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy “flying” :slight_smile:


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