Odd behavior of aircraft position symbol, blurred text

When selecting the aircraft position symbol from the icon menu on the enroute chart it does not actually display on the chart., it does appear to center the chart at the current aircraft position. The odd thing is the menu icon will pulsate between pink and white color and the chart markings and text also pulsate from sharp text to blurred text. Disabling the position marker restores normal chart appearance. This occurs using P3D V5. This was my first use of the new Navigraph Charts format, I don’t think this is ready for prime time and prefer an option to roll back to the previous version.

Could you post a screenshot of how it looks?



See attached .png file screen shots. Today the aircraft position indicator functioned when selected. The blurred text occurs when it is active. Using the mouse cursor in full screen or windowed mode will also cause this. System specs are PC Windows 10, GTX 1070, Nvidia driver, P3D V5
I have not seen this issue in any previous version of Navigraph Charts. As others have commented airway magnetic course indication is very difficult to read as the font size remains the same regardless of the zoom setting.
I have not updated the Nvidia video driver to the latest version as the system is stable as is. I will update to test as required and let you know if it resolves the issue.



Please see this post: Text blurred in Charts 8 - #36 by stephen

Does it help in your case?




Modifying the Nvidia control panel setting has fixed the blurred text issue. The only other minor observation is when the aircraft position symbol is active or mouse cursor movement is used latitude and longitude lines on a chart will display a slight pulsation, but I don’t think it is any big issue. Thanks for the suggestion as it appears to have worked.