Text display issue

I personally noticed the problem on July 3rd.
When I want and hover my mouse over a tab, be it Airports, Search and so on.
The remaining icons begin to randomly change their image. I would say that there is a blur, a decrease in sharpness.

Further, when I select an Airport by its ICAO code, another nearby point can also be highlighted, it’s not clear why.

image (1)

Perhaps somewhere in the settings of the screen or video card, something is enabled and this is the cause. I do not know where to look for the cause.

Hello Misha! Welcome to the forum.

This sounds familiar - would you mind checking these two threads and their solutions?

Let me know if that works!

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I tried. Failed to improve the situation.

What have you tried, if I may ask? Which steps did not work?

It is very likely to be GPU-related, yes. That is, unfortunately, all I know myself too - this is not a “normal” issue nor an issue with our software!

Try upgrading or downgrading your GPU driver, changing scale settings in the Windows settings etc. - or even try connecting the monitor to your motherboard directly (if you have the ability to do so) to rule out a bad GPU.

Hello, I have solved the problem. All you need to do is disable MFAA and FXAA in nvidia settings.

MFAA blurs specific text.

If you turn off MFAA and turn on FXAA, then the blur of the entire picture really appears.

image (4)


NVIDIA Driver: 536.40 Date: 06/29/2023

GPU - RTX 3060 Vision OC 12Gb
CPU - I5 10400F 2,90 GHz
MB - MAG B560M Mortar
RAM - Kingston Fury Beast 2*8Gb
Display - MSI G2422 | Display Port
PSU - RM750x Gold Corsair

Let this addition be here, perhaps it will be useful someday :slight_smile:

This is all I found while experimenting with the solution.

That is great!

It also sounds very close to the solutions in the other threads - turn off any sharpening and/or anti-aliasing for the Charts application in the NVIDIA control panel!

Thanks for posting your solution!

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