Text blurred in Charts 8

Hi Stephen

I am running the latest version of Charts and I still have the blurry letters problem.


Hi Stephen, my current version is v8.15.0 build 3600842489, downloaded and installed before again, but nothing have changed, still blurry. I also see that behaviour what Thomas described, only blurry letters when both apps (xplane and Navigraph) are open together. My monitor is a wide screen with recommended resolution of 3440x1440, maybe it helps to investigate. I scale the monitor up to 125 %, but also did it back to 100% but still this issue. Thanks

Hello! I have had this same problem myself, but found a solution for myself which I feel I should share here:

First a bit of background, I use Charts 8 on two different computers, my main desktop and my laptop, both running Windows 11. On my desktop, which I also sim on, everything has been totally fine and charts have been crisp. However on the laptop, there used to be a weird issue with the chats being low-resolution when in full-screen mode (windowed was just fine).

What fixed that for me was setting my power mode in Windows settings from “Best power efficiency” to “Balanced”. Note that this will have and effect your battery life, so it does become a bit of a pain-in-the-butt as I have to change it all the time between the modes depending on what I’m doing with my laptop.

That in itself is not that big of a problem, as 90% if the time I’m using Charts on my laptop (as a supplement to the sim on my main desktop) it will be plugged in. Just a minor inconvenience as I won’t be leaving my power mode on Balanced all the time.

For me it’s the same.
Also in combination with X-Plane (12)
Started for me 2 days ago.

I have noticed this same blurry issue with the app version of Charts (and works perfect with the web browser version).
After reading the previous input from other users, I have one more piece to contribute.

When the aircraft position tracking is on (moving map on or off) the blurred text shows up (in my case, everywhere) as in the image below.

When the aircraft tracking is turned off (and just slightly move the map a bit) everything becomes perfectly clear again.

Windows 10
Single 4K monitor running in it’s native resolution (3840 x 2160)
NVIDIA 3080ti with latest driver installed

Bonjour idem pour moi meme config lorsque le suivi est active cela devient flou lors d un clic de souris cela redevient normal deux secondes seulement

Bonsoir a tous j ai essaye de modifier le .ode d alimentation rien ny fait par contre tout va bien lorsque je deplace qur mon second ecran la fenetre ouverte de navigraph dans le menu deroulant de fs2020

Hi guys, could anybody help us in this case, it is still blurry, I changed all graphic settings by try and error, also did update. It is just extremly anoying to work with this issue! How you could see there are a lot of customer have the same problem, paying every month and it is not worth for the moment till it is fixed. I also see no response from your side, pls guys, DO something!

Hi all, despite any updates to the software, the blurriness continues. I also have the same problem with the Simmarket app, so it appears there is a problem in the source coding language. I must say however that I am not bothered by it right now. If I want to read the text, running the mouse pointer over the text clears the blurriness.


We are trying to isolate and replicate the issue. Do you see this in Charts Cloud as well as Charts Desktop? Is there any difference when turning Moving Map on/off ?


Thanks Ian, starting flighplan in cloud works perfectly, also when I have opened XPlane, totally clear letters. For me this solution works fine till you find solutions for the local application. Greets from EDMA

I saw this in another thread with the same issue. With NVIDIA based GPUs, there is an option in the NVIDIA Control Panel for video sharpening (seems to be in different places, but in mine I found it on the “Manage 3D Settings” page “Image Scaling” option). Oddly, turning that sharpening off solves the blurring issue I had with the desktop app version of Charts.

Happy flying!

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I am also suffering from horrendously blurred text in Win11 Charts latest version. Using RTX 3080 @ 2560x1440. tried changing DSR, resolution, refresh rate, driver, texture filtering, full screen vs windowed . All no luck. Make the app almost unusable. Why do I pay my subscription for this?

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Do you have an option for in the NVIDIA Control Panel for “video sharpening” like the posters above you mention?

See this link for more details: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/283996/blurry-text-and-icons-on-apps/

In the meanwhile you can use the web app, charts.navigraph.com.

Kind regards,


Hi Stephen

I looked at my Nvidia settings and the video sharpening was off but I have now turned it on to see if this rectifies the issue. I will do some testing in the coming days.

@MarkBond, I have been using the cloud version and it is just as good but not blurred. Try it. This is an option so your subscription isn’t wasted.


@craigw, after some more testing of my own, I had set the sharpening back to on (I think it was off already before I forced it off. see my previous post), but couldn’t get the blur to come back (yay), but I had also clicked the Restore Defaults button during the whole process. Looking at the link that @stephen shared, I think the Restore Defaults may be the magic trick. I had also done several NVIDIA driver updates as many others have, without touching my Control panel settings.

Hi All

Another case of blurred text has now manifested itself in the app. When a chart is open, not as an overlay but as a chart, each time simlink updates the aircraft position, the chart blurs for a second or so, quickly clears and then blurs again on each update.


Has this problem been fixed/closed out? Or is it still ongoing? I see the last post in this thread is January…

I’m having the same problem now:

Windows 11
NVIDIA 4080 (running 2560x1440)
2 Monitors, but only one is rendering MSFS. The other is used for Little Nav Map, Navigraph, etc.

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction!

Michael Roberts
Baltimore, MD USA


Yes the solution is a few posts up, you should check your NVidia settings.



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