Airport Map, Plane Icon, and Taxiing

Thank you for Navigraph! Have noticed that when taxing my actual location is not accurately shown by the plane arrow icon; in other words I will taxi past a taxiway yet the map shows the icon not to that taxiway yet. Is this a screen resolution situation? I have MSFS on one monitor and Navigraph open on another monitor. This is not a major issue for me, just wondered in my OCD brain if there is a way to match them up closer). Thanks for any guidance on how to resolve this. -Brian


By default the aircraft position is on the tip of the moving maps icon. This might be what is confusing, if you think the aircraft is at the center.

You can change to Center in Settings:




I am using a single monitor and have noticed the same issue, however it is not so bad as to make it unusable. I use an outside camera when I am taxiing which I find is suffice in most cases. If in doubt I double check with ground/tower that I am following the prescribed route.

Stephen, thank you for your reply. I just changed it over to “Center” and will be landing soon. I will report back. -Brian

Stephen, reporting back as promised. Changing the setting to “center,” as you recommended helped me; thank you! I use the chart simply as quick glance for a reference to know what to look for (as opposed to use it to make my way around the field). I don’t use outside cameras as mentioned by @lenhamlad since I’ve found and bought the WB-Sim C172S (which is not allowing me to cheat in so many other areas). Thank you for Navigraph (I see that you are a co-founder!), especially for the new VFR features in Charts 8 - it is an amazing tool I’m using along with the study level aircraft I mentioned and is helping me tremendously as I learn to fly more proficiently. -Brian

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