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additional to Ian´s correct answer - when a runway is missing (or differ to the real-world) in the sim, then NO terminal procedures will be shown in the worldmap, nor in any FMC. This is a limitation of the sim. As Ian wrote, the runway 09C/27C is missing in the default stock data but these runway exists in real (so in our data also - with terminal procedures), but due the missing runway the sim disables all other terminal procedures also. Again, that´s per design and has nothing to do with us. You have all terminal procedures in the AIRAC 2013 but they will not be shown due the missing runway.


If that is a limitation why does the default Navdata in MSFS have all of the stars into KORD


this is problem for msf20! the are not navigraph.

Good question Dennis, but this can only be answered by ASOBO. I assume, thar their parser checks the existing runways and when a runway doesn’t exist, they don’t export the procedures for this runway. But as I wrote, the runway exists in real life and when ASOBO hasn’t this runway, their data are simple uncomplete.


I wonder if something else is causing this however, because I lost the STARs after they were working with the updated FSDT KORD which DOES include the new runway. I have removed/reinstalled mulitple times both the airport and Navigraph to no avail. After Asobo’s mini update the other day - KORD STARs simply disappeared.

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Same here cant say for certain but I thought Kord stars were present in 2012

Have you made sure the order in the Content.xml is correct?
As I already wrote in KHIO: SIDs are missing you need to have the add-on airport before the navigraph entry (and possibly after the default fs-base entry), otherwise MSFS will not pick up the STARs when the affected runways were added by the add-on.


Jan, thank … yes, that´s exactly the issue - the sceneries will be loaded in order of the content.xml file. the order is: Top of the file lowest, bottom/end of the file has the highest priority. That means, when our package is BEFORE the FSDT KORD scenery (which now includes the new runways) our package can´t still assign the new runways because the FSDT KORD scenery has a higher priority as our package.

Therefore, move the FSDT KORD file (+ the ASONBO KORD scenery if still installed) before our package. The best place is between the “fs-base” line and the “fs-base-nav” line. Our package (navdata) will ALLWAYS be installed after the “fs-base-nav” line to disable the underlying NavBlue data.

Here, what I mean (and what @JKTech explained):

Here the KORD STARs with the FSDT KORD scenery installed (with all runways):


PS: the location of the content.xml file find you in the FAQ here

PPS: Thanks Jan - I have set your answer as “Solution” :wink:

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@NAVData, both you guys, THANKS! Fixed it like a boss. WOOHOO! I got Chicago back. :+1:t3:

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