KORD - Missing all SID/STAR


AIRAC 2012, and now 2013 are missing all departures and arrivals to KORD.




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The departures at KORD are vectors so no SID’s

MSFS RWY 09C/27C is missing in the default dataset and therefore the STARs can´t be assigned correctly by our Beta Update.


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additional to Ian´s correct answer - when a runway is missing (or differ to the real-world) in the sim, then NO terminal procedures will be shown in the worldmap, nor in any FMC. This is a limitation of the sim. As Ian wrote, the runway 09C/27C is missing in the default stock data but these runway exists in real (so in our data also - with terminal procedures), but due the missing runway the sim disables all other terminal procedures also. Again, that´s per design and has nothing to do with us. You have all terminal procedures in the AIRAC 2013 but they will not be shown due the missing runway.


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