Missing STAR on KORD - MSFS2020

Win10 - MSFS 2020 - FBWA32NX - AIRAC Cycle 2105 rev.4

I have the Navdata updated:

When selecting multiple runways, ex. 27R, no STAR options show up. Ex.: WYNDE2 doesn’t show up.

I’m very new to all of this, so I’m sorry if the mistake is on my part.


First of all welcome here at Navigraph. Please use the search feature here in the forum. This feature is working very well and you find the answer in one of the latest answers.

In general, the default KORD scenery in the sim hasn’t all runways available. The logic in the sim is now: when an arrival route can’t be assigned to a runway, they suppress all STARs.

But that has nothing todo with the data because all STARs are still included but the sim doesn’t shown these due this limitation. Sorry

Thank you!


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I guess no flying to KORD then =(

You can use an addon scenery (payware) or you enter the STAR manually into your FMC. The waypoints are all there and can also selected but be aware that you take a runway, which is existing in the sim.


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