No SIDs or STARs at SCEL

Tried flying into Santiago today, no STARs for any approaches. Also the Navdata includes a runway 16/34 which I dont believe is actually there? Its not in any charts that I’ve seen in the Chile AIP.
Any ideas?
Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.12.16 -

Please use the search feature in the forum here. It works very well and you will find the answer to your question.

Thank you

I did that prior but thought since most of those posts are from mid summer things might have changed. Thanks.

Hi Jonny,
apology, you´re absolutely right - please excuse my not very qualified answer. After I have checked your report, I have seen that I have made a mistake, referencing to old/outdated topics. Sorry for that!

But the root cause is the same as in the other topics:
Due runway maintenance, the runway ident is changed to 16/35R and that´s the reason why the sim can´t handle our procedures because the logic in the sim is, when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to an existing runway in the sim, the procedures will be disabled. And that the case here, because in the sim you have other runways as in the real-world.

Here the corresponding airport diagram:

Sorry, but the data are all included but due the sim limitation, you can´t select it … but there are lights on the horizon :wink: … nearly all upcoming major addon aircrafts will not use the default in-game data and therefore this will fixed in the future with own/sim independent datasets.

Hope that helps and again please apologies

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