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Hello everyone,

I’ve just started using Navigraph and my experience has been amazing. However, there’s a very important airport that I don’t see on the FMS Data, and I know that it is included in the Jeppesen Database.

SCEL is the airport, and there’s no STAR’s, SID’s or any other info for this airport.

Could you please check and see what’s going on? It’s our main international airport and, i can’t wrap my head around the fact that no procedures are present. Even smaller and way less important airports have their procedures included in the database.

Thank you in advance!



Hi Pablo,
first of all welcome in our community and also thank you very much for this kind words - such response are great for us, for the whole team! Much appreciated …

To your question:
I have looked into the database for SCEL and we have the terminal procedures included. I have also checked a few addons, also included. You have not wrote, in which addon, in which sim do you miss the procedures - then I can look into the specific one.

In general, the terminal procedures should be available and useable …

Thank you agian, and please let me know, for which addon/sim, that I can cross check this

PS: possible that this answered your question - if you haven´t know it

Hi there!

OK, so I’m using it on Xplane 11, only with the base aircraft. I’ve updated the base FMS and it’s the only missing airport. I had a custom scenery for this airport, and just to be sure I disabled it to see if that would create any issues, but so far I haven’t seen the procedures.

If you can give me any step by step that I can do in order to help with the troubleshooting, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!!


Well, this is by far the best answer I could’ve received. Thank you for explaining the issue so quickly!

I guess I’ll have to wait until maintenance is finished. I’ll let you know if this issue persists after repairs are done!

It’s been a pleasure, have a great week!



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