No SIDS FOR YBBN 19R in P3Dv4.5 or MSFS with Orbx scenery with new runways

I tried preparing a flight from YBBN to WSSS in MSFS. I had issues where the Salty 747-8 FMS would not provide a STAR for 19R. 19L was ok. I was using a Orbx scenery with the new runway.

I then tried to plan a flight in P3D4.5 YBBN / WSSS in a Aerosoft A330, again using a Orbx scenery which has the new runway, and again, there were no STAR for runway 19R

Anyway, just wondered where the issue lay?

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two different questions:

  1. to the P3D:
    Not sure if this has something todo with a scenery because we don´t update the stock data here and what I know in P3D is, that there is no reference between sim scenery and navdata (comparing to the new MSFS). Also I have looked into the AS Airbus A330 dataset, and here all STARs are included, so I can´t see why this shouldn´t work. Again, I´m pretty sure, that this has nothing todo if you have loaded a 3rd party scenery or not … it should work.

  2. to the MSFS:
    Have you tried it, without the ORBX scenery and only in the WorldMap? I don´t know anything about the Salty FMS but I guess, they are using the sim BGLs files for their navdata and that´s exactly the same data as you see in the WorldMap. I haven´t installed the Orbx scenery for YBBN but with the stock scenery, I see all SIDs and STARs - including 19R

So my recommendation would be:

  1. close the sim
  2. check if you have the latest version (v1.0.8) of the Navigraph Navdata Center installed and if the application is running in the background
  3. delete your content.xml file (you find the location here)
  4. start the sim again and close it, after the sim was up and running
  5. go into the Navigraph Navdata Center and install the AIRAC cycle
  6. start the sim and look if all is back again

Please follow these steps exactly in this order … I assume, your content-scenery file is a mess after SU9. ASOBO had added a new package which is in the wrong order. When you do the steps above, all should be fine - see here from our FAQ

Let us know the result please

Thanks Richard for a very prompt and comprehensive answers, or at least a basis for working out why the omission of YBBN 19R SID/STAR. I will have a look tomorrow and follow your instructions and report back. I will also try different aircraft to see if that makes a difference. I will also turn off the YBBN scenery in P3D, and see what the stock scenery does.


Looking at the Recommendations from Navigraph, I followed them, and here are my results. Excellent by the way.

  1. Close all sims DONE

  2. Check the latest version of Navigraph Navdata Center Installed. I had v 1.0.6. ummmm, how do you update, as only seems to run with a simulator running? OK Google helped me work out. I need to go to the download in Navigraph Navdata Center Ummm, do I overwrite or remove and reinstall updated version? Decided to uninstall Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.6 and download and reinstall the latest ersion Ummm, the download was also v 1.0.6 ?? and not v 1.0.8. Anyway, I installed 1.0.6, BUT… during the install of 1.0.6, it said there is an update ??? It updated itself to 1.0.8. Got there. A tad clunky. Maybe me.

2b What do you mean by Navigraph Navdata Center running in the background? I don’t really remember actually using Navigraph Navdata Center, let alone having it running in the background. I seem to be more in P3D, due to better aircraft. Is Navigraph Navdata Center only for MSFS? and are you supposed to fire it up when using any sim?

  1. Delete your content.xml file. ok found and deleted. (I made a copy…just in case)

  2. Start the sim again and close it, after the sim was up and running. I presume you mean MSFS? Yes, MSFS ran great.

  3. Go into the Navigraph Navdata Center and install the AIRAC cycle. Done. 2205 rev.1 installed. I also updated all aircraft with 2205

I notice it also says Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel is v1.3 I resume this is the latest version?

  1. Start the sim and look if all is back again. I fired up MSFS and set the world map as YBBN>YBBN. I checked the SID/STAR for RW19R at the world map screen and the SIDs were there for r/way 19R as was the STARs for 01L. In the Salty 747, I could now apply the SID for r/way 19R in its FMS

So, for MSFS, all is great as far as Orbx YBBN concerned. Not sure what the stock airport shows for YBBN 19R 01L

Now, onto the P3Dv4 issue.

Maybe I was/am having a FMS issue with the A330, rather than a data issue.

I notice that in the AS A330, if I choose YBBN 19R, it may give me no SID or three (BIXAD1,BN4,WACK030. It seems if I want to change the runway, then I have to go to TMPY<F-PLN, then cycle back through existing runway>DEPARTURE> choose a new runway. If I do this, it seems to clear the cache and find the SIDs/STARs for the relevant runway. So, maybe one of those things with the AS A330

Anyway Richard, thanks for the great assistance. Maybe after the recent MSFS update, things are a little confused in the scenery data areas, and the rebuild of the XML file helped.


Hi Geoff,
first of thank you very much for this kind answer and your kind words. I´m honest, it´s good to see for me and the team such comments from time to time … thank you!

Indeed, a little bit “confusing” on our side, sorry for that but you have done absolutely the right steps. Anyways, to be clear for possible other reading-customer this topic:

  1. The Navigraph Navdata Center is ONLY for the MSFS and his addons (the FMS Data Manager is only for FSX, P3D and XPlane addons - so you can´t update anything for MSFS via the FMS Data Manager)

  2. The Navigraph Navdata Center can be downloaded from here and yes, it could be that this is a previous version, but anyway install it please - if there is a newer version available you got a message when you start the Navigraph Navdata Center and can install it from there

2b. when you install an update - it´s recommended to remove the previous version first and re-install the current one

  1. Navigraph Navdata Center in the background - this is also highly recommended. It runs per default in the background, when you close it. You can check it in the “notification area” on the bottom right

The reason for that is, that the NNC (= Navigraph Navdata Center :slight_smile: ) re-order your content-file automatically when you install any 3rd party scenery, to be 100% sure, that you ever use the updated Jeppesen navdata files.

  1. The “fix” with deleting the content.xml file is a result from ASOBO´s SU9 - because they have added a new package with this sim-update and this package is located on the wrong position in this file. Therefore, when you delete the content.xml file and re-start the sim, this file will be re-created automatically (so no need for a backup :slight_smile: ). This is nothing what we have in our hand and I can´t really say, why ASOBO don´t re-create the file automatically after every SU … this can´t be so difficult, and would avoid a lot of support questions - but it is at it is and with deleting the content-file, it´s normally soved.

  2. P3D AS A330 - it seems so yes, because as I wrote before - we don´t update the stock navdata and the approaches for YBBN are included in the AS dataset.

So, I hope it´s a little bit more clearer now - but it seems, you have made all correctly and important is, that the issue is solved and you are back in the sim :airplane:

Happy flying Geoff and again, don´t hesitate to contact us again if you have any troubles with the sim and the data/charts

Cheers from the other side of the world, the “other” Australia - Austria :joy:

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