YBBN STAR ?A Missing

I have the Navdata for MSFS (Beta) app which I updated today. I also have Navigraph FMS Data Manager installed (up to date as of this morning NZDT) and the Navigraph Charts app and love them all. However it is frustrating that whilst Charts and FMS Data Manager both have accurate SID/STAR/Approaches the Navdata for MSFS does not. I would have assumed that the data source for all 3 would be the same so that the info the provide would be identical. I know that at least 2 STARs (UGTU1A and BLAK4A) are not available in MSFS. However the MSFS default Navdata has these 2 STARs. Can this sort of issue be remedied as it has been like this for many months now?

sorry, its still a sim issue that the stock scenery is outdated. When you use any 3rd party (ie. from ORBX) you will immediately see all terminal procedures.

To the question why you see these STARs in the stock data is very simple:
ASOBO/MS/WT export only the terminal procedures, where runways are available. That means, when you use a 3rd party which include the missing runway you will see, that there are no terminals for this runway because the data in the stock data are not included.

ASOBO/MS/WT knows this limitation and therefore they exclude these terminal procedures in the stock data.

So the sim has still 2 issues (at least):

  1. outdated sceneries (missing runways or wrong runway idents)
  2. uncomplete navdata due the exclusion of terminal procedures which can’t be assign to a existing runway in real

Thats are facts, we can only provide the data - all data, which makes more sense in our eyes due the 3rd party developer/sceneries.


PS: all our products use exactly the same database, all addons and also the MSFS. As I have explained - you still have ALL terminal procedures in the dataset (as I have decribed, install any YBBN addon scenery where all runways are available and you will see all terminal procedures immediately) but there are many limitations in the sim and many filter which suppress/disable such procedures. It’s not in our hand, sorry and also there is no workaround, without loosing data (as with ASOBO/MS/WT “solution”)

Here what I mean - ORBX YBBN 3rd party scenery + stock data:

The BLAK4A is only selectable for 01R/19L but not for 01L/19R

Now here - ORBX YBBN 3rd party scenery + our data:

BLAK4A selectable/available for all runways, according the real-world

… the reason is, we export ALL terminal procedures, ASOBO/MS/WT export onyl these terminal procedures, where runways existing in the stock data, therefore the terminal procedures are working with the stock scenery but not with 3rd party sceneries, because they are missing than.

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