Hey there. I’ve recently uninstalled and reinstalled my FS2020 copy from the Microsoft Store. I’m on the latest AIRAC Cycle 2112 rev.2 with Navdata Center freshly 1.0.3 installed. At the moment, whenever I try to load into KBWI or LFSB, to name two, I do not find a single one SID or STAR on the flight planning screen (only Direct is listed). I searched for ZBAD and it is on, and the Content Manager shows the Navdata is installed. Funny enough, if I remove it from Navdata Center, and start again the sim, I can see the missing SID and STARS from default FS database.

Now, I’ve read the FAQs and already deleted/recreated content.xml file. I reinstalled Navdata Center to assure I was on the latest version, without solution. Last time I used the sim until yesterday was in September, and had no issues with Navigraph data back then.

Of course I cannot see the 33L runway for KBWI either. I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning, but I can see all the procedures and runways with Little Navmap updated with 2112 cycle.

I’m trying to attach my context.xml file but it gives me upload errors, might try again in a while.

EDIT: I’ve also moved all the plugins outside the Community folder. I have only navigraph-navdata, navigraph-navdata-base and navigraph-ingamepanels-chart.

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Content.xml file at this Dropbox link.

@captndp I was gonna report the same issue. Let’s hope they find a solution.
Cheers from Lima, Peru

This is because RWY 33L/15R is missing from MS/ASOBO data. So SID/STAR not displaying as per Missing SIDs/STARs or IAPs without runway-idents on some airports .

If you add KBWI - Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator you add RWY 33L/15R and have SID/STAR/APPR’s


yes, the reason is the missing runway in the default stock scenery. The terminal procedures are all included but can´t be assigned to the correct real-world runways. Therefore the sim “block/disable” the terminal procedures - that´s the logic behind. That has nothing todo with the content.xml file or the navdata - that´s simple the sim.

But as you have figured out, you see the procedures in LNM so the procedures are still included in the package. As a test, you can install the freeware 3rd party scenery.

Do following:
Please be sure, that the Navigraph Navdata Center is running in the background:

Try to install the 3rd party freeware scenery from here:

After that, start the sim and look again on the KBWI airport - you will see:

the SIDs:

the STARs:

and of course, the approaches:

You don´t need to re-install anything - the data are still existing in the AIRAC files and will be shown with this 3rd party scenery, because this scenery includes all existing runways as in real.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for your answer.
So, I first tried your method as described, and it didn’t work - “Direct” was still the only option I had for both SID or STARS.

I then checked if the order of my content.xml file was correct, as suggested in the info of the KBWI addon developer, and it was: at the end of the file, I had

  <Package name="watsupsrinivasman-airport-kbwi-baltimore" active="true"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" active="true"/>

After that, I remembered that as suggested in another thread, the airport package should be before navigraph-navdata-base (in the first lines of the file), and not, as stated by the developer, before navigraph-navdata (which happens to be at the very end). Doing this apparently solved the issue.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="fs-base" active="true"/>
  <Package name="watsupsrinivasman-airport-kbwi-baltimore" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-ai-traffic" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-nav" active="false"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" active="true"/>

Now, my questions are: why this discrepancy between your suggestions and the developer’s? Also, why is LFSB missing then? It’s because of RW 07-25?

I got that it’s a MSFS issue, still I think it might be useful to have a list of airports whose procedures aren’t shown on MSFS because of these issues, so that we could either download a third party addon or just try to avoid them (without having to discover mid-flight that they have no procedures).

there is something wrong on your system because the first was absolutely perfect.
The base-package contains ONLY! airport-information but no navdata information, therefore it makes no difference if you have the package before or after the base package.

Important is ONLY (and that´s what the Navigraph Navdata Center does, when it runs in the background), that the navigraph-navdata package is in every situation on the last position because this package contains all navaids, waypoints, terminal-procedures, airways, communication frequencies, airspaces, … again, in the navigraph-navdata-base package you have nothing of this information.

In your posted content.xml file in your first post, you hadn´t installed the KBWI 3rd party scenery … therefore:

Start the Navigraph Navdata Center that this is working in the background and start the sim, you will see the KBWI procedures are included and when you look in the content.xml file, you will see the same as in my file.

Here my content.xml file, with which I have made the screenshots above:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="fs-base-ui-vr" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-ai-traffic" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-nav" active="false"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-modellib-buildings" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-vnlk-lukla" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kord-chicago-ohare" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-modellib-airport-generic" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-modellib-props" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-liveevent" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-vqpr-paro" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-ksfo-sanfrancisco" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-seqm-mariscal-sucre-quito" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lflj-courchevel" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-tffj-gustaf" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-omdb-dubai-intl" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-wx53-bugalaga" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-sbgl-riodejaneiro" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kjfk-new-york-jfk" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-mrsn-sirena-station" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lpma-madeira" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-yssy-sydney" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lemd-adolfo-suarez" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lxgb-gibraltar" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lowi-innsbruck" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-tncs-saba" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lfpg-paris-charles-de-gaulle" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-spgl-chagual" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-ksea-seattle-tacoma" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-lfcs-saucats" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-ksez-sedona" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-mhtg-toncontin" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-klax-losangeles" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-keb-nanwalek" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-rjtt-tokyo-haneda" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kmco-orlando" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-ktex-telluride" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-nzqn-queenstown" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-mecca" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-voloport" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-edvk-kassel" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lsza-lugano" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-freiburg" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-pennine" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-griffith-observatory" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lszh-zurich" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-helsinki" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-edja-allgau" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-mountcook" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-singapore" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lszo-beromuenster" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-monument" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-discovery-berlin" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-eddp-leipzig" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-heca-cairo" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-eidl-donegal" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-cytz-billy-bishop" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-eddf-frankfurt" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-fact-cape-town" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kase-aspen" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-eham-amsterdam" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-czst-stewart-aerodrome" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-fxme-maketane" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-huen-entebbe" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-egll-heathrow" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-knkx-miramar-mcas" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kden-denver" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-c53-lowerloon" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kcof-patrickafb" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-vfx-staticmesh" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-cameras" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-jetways" active="true"/>
  <Package name="aerosoft-paderborn" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fsdreamteam-airport-kord-chicago-ohare" active="true"/>
  <Package name="gaya-simulations-airport-loww-vienna" active="true"/>
  <Package name="uk2000scenery-airport-commonlibrary" active="true"/>
  <Package name="seafront-sightseeing-vessels-core" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-japan-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-rjfu-nagasaki" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-rokr-kerama" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-rjx8-suwanosejima" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-rjck-kushiro" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-coverage-map-japan-tin" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-rors-shimojishima" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-rjth-hachijojima" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kswf-stewartintl" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-usa-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-katl-atlanta" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-kfhr-friday-harbor" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-kdfw-dallas-fort-worth" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-eg78-outskerries" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-eghc-lands-end" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-egpr-barra" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-egcb-barton" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-coverage-map-uk-tin" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-uk-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-eggp-john-lennon" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lfmn-nice" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-france-benelux-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-ehrd-rotterdam" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-coverage-map-france-tin" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lfhm-megeve" active="true"/>
  <Package name="asobo-airport-biis-isafjordur" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-nordic-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-efva-vaasa" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-essa-arlanda" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-ekrn-bornholm" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-ensb-svalbard" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-edds-stuttgart" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-edxh-helgoland" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lowk-flughafen-klagenfurt" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-lszr-altenrheinst-gallen" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-franckfurt-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-airport-edhl-luebeck-blankensee" active="true"/>
  <Package name="fs-base-coverage-map-germany-tin" active="true"/>
  <Package name="microsoft-germany-point-of-interest" active="true"/>
  <Package name="watsupsrinivasman-airport-kbwi-baltimore" active="true"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" active="true"/>

You see the KBWI scenery package is above the navigraph-navdata package and it works …

Don´t change anything manually in the content.xml file - it´s not supported by us and you can get any crazy results, when you don´t know exactly what you do and why …


In my first Content.xml I had no clue I had to install KBWI for the missing runways, that’s the reason why I had it not installed.

However, this is a strange behavior. I had be really unlucky to pick two airports with missing procedures in the latest two flights I had… Never had issue like these before.

Still, there’s no package for LFSB, so do I have to avoid it at all costs? I have no procedures at all.

I can´t really answer your question if you should avoid all “costs” … when you want to fly because you want to fly without reality, than yes you can avoid it … when you want to fly as real as it gets, than no because as we have shown you in the KBWI example - we offer all the WORLDWIDE!! procedures from the largest all-in one datasource for the MSFS (as we do it with LFSB) but there are a lot of limitations/bugs in the sim where we have no influence on it.

You can use the stock data, which will also be updated from time to time during any sim-/world updates but this navdata updates are also incomplete due the missing or wrong runways and therefore you can´t select the correct terminal-procedures.

In your current files, all terminal procedures for LFSB are also included in the same way as for KBWI. When MSFS updates their scenery to the real-world you can select/enter it immediately without any additional costs, effort, … the same as you have seen with the KBWI. You had made an update of the stock MSFS scenery with a 3rd party scenery and all procedures were visible and selectable …

Sorry, this is an MSFS issue and not a navdata issue …


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